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HAFFHolland Animation Film Festival (Netherlands)
HAFFHaitian American Friendship Foundation (Haiti)
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Bronkoskopisinde haff laringomalazi saptanan olgunun ter testi normal sinirlarda idi.
Jones, M., Jagim, A., Haff, G., Carr, P., Martin, J.
Haff came to the business with no prior knowledge of the hardware industry, but her background as a business owner and her strong work ethic have made her one of the most vital employees in the business, Connolly's Do it Best Hardware & Rental owner Michael Connolly says.
Since Haff disease is characterized by vomiting and myalgia without fever following mean incubation periods of 8 hours, a heat-stable toxin has always been suspected as the cause.
Bompa, T.O., & Haff, G.G., 2009, Periodization.
Gregory Haff and Charles Dumke's Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology With Web Resource (9780736084130, $65.00) is designed for undergrad students and offers a basic review of all the testing methods used for assessing human performance and wellness.
Why PaaS is becoming a popular approach for the data center Platform-as-a-service is coming into its own with enterprise development teams, writes Red Hat computing guru Gordon Haff, as it provides application developers a range of customization aspects and portability options.
After he knowingly tells Brett that "Your frients haff gone upstairs," she angrily asks, "Have you anything else to say?" "No, ma'am," he sarcastically replies (italics in original, 209).
According to her first letter, dated April 2, 1936, to District Director Edward Haff, she had conducted her own investigation and was "convinced beyond any doubt that they are in fact husband, wife, and son." She requested that deportation be delayed so that attorney Tramutolo could present further evidence.
Translucency affects the visual appearance of MPP and it was estimated by comparison against standard pineapple translucency charts designed by Haff et al.
They offered me by giving my credit card number and they will deduct $50 dollar by addition of $100, I wonder first, why they deducting, they could just add $50 doVar and deduct their haff from their own.