HAFLHammond's Flycatcher (bird species Empidonax hammondii)
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(2012) construyeron un HAFL con un medio de soporte de sedimento natural, en el cual habia vegetacion de totora (Scirpus californicus), para la remocion de contaminantes tales como NT, Cd, Cu, Pb y Zn.
En el presente estudio se evaluo la capacidad de remocion que tienen los humedales de flujo libre (HAFL) y flujo subsuperficial (HAFS) con cuatro tipos de vegetacion (C.
Para la realizacion de este proyecto se construyeron doce HA (seis HAFL y seis HAFS) y seis controles (tres HL y tres HG), todos rectangulares.
crassipes fueron sembradas en los HAFL y las especies P.
"I'm thrilled about the HAFL award and I would like to share the acknowledgement with Linda D.
Other athletes, experts and educators honored with HAFL awards include: Donald B.
Emceed by Mary Lou Retton, the 10th annual HAFL awards program was sponsored by Allstate Insurance Company and administered by the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.
Finally, the results given in column 4 provide evidence that congressmen who retire when they are less than sixty-five years old reudce their attendance rates by only about hafl as much as retiring congressmen who are sixty-five or older--or about 5 percentage points less.
The tuna these cats ate contained 3.55 parts per million methylmercury -- 5.5 times more than the beef but only about hafl the limit allowed in human food by the Food and Drug Administration.
After ten days the number of strkers was put at 10 million, or roughly hafl the working population (an American equivalent would be something like 60 million).