HAFSHankuk Academy of Foreign Studies (Yongin, South Korea)
HAFSHeart of America Family Services (Overland Park, KS)
HAFSHalton Autistic Family Support (UK)
HAFSHungarian/American Friendship Society (Surprise, AZ)
HAFSHigh Availability File System
HAFSHave A Fun Summer
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Eventually hearing of their presence in Sindh, the caliph al-Mansur replaced Umar ibn Hafs with Hisham ibn Amr al-Taghlibi on the understanding that he seize Abdullah al-Ashtar, kill or otherwise disperse the Zaydiyah, and annex the non-Muslim region.
I l est possible de rendre justice a la femme et lui permettre de jouir de tous ses droits en allant vers l'egalite homme-femme, a condition toutefois de proceder de maniere objective a une redefinition de la place et du role de la religion dans la societe, selon l'islamologue Mohamed Abdelawahab Rafiki, alias Abou Hafs.
- He again recited the Quran in full as per the Qirat of Hafs as reported by Asim in the Shatibiyah textbook at the hands of Sheikh Amer Al Sayyed Othman.
In the interview, Abu Hafs explained that they carried out the attack to forcibly implement the Islamic Sharia Law in Marawi.
But it is odd that bin Ladin would turn to al-Zawahiri rather than Abu Hafs al-Masri, who was widely respected and central to al-Qai'da's relations with other jihadis in Afghanistan.
On Thursday, Alavi announced that Abu Hafs alBaloushi, the ringleader of the separatist terrorist group Ansar al-Forqan, was killed by the Iranian security forces.
Cet aliment, selon Mourad Hafs, gerant de la Sarl El Merdja, est plein de mineraux et en quantites suffisantes pour l'alimentation quotidienne de 50 vaches.
Mohammad Abou Hafs of Bhabra Government Higher Secondary School has won a gold medal out of hundreds of students from 16 different countries.
Moody's Investors Service affirms the Baa1 rating on Southern Illinois University's (SIU) Housing and Auxiliary Facilities System (HAFS) Revenue Bonds and Certificates of Participation (COPs).
Los HA se podrian clasificar de acuerdo a distintos parametros, pero dos criterios son los mas importantes: i) el regimen de flujo de agua, en los que destacan los humedales de flujo libre (HAFL) y de flujo subsuperficial (HAFS); y ii) el tipo de macrofitas instaladas en el humedal (i.e.
Graduates got certificates on course completion while some learners are accredited to teach Quran as per the Hafs and Shuaba Rewayas or schools of recitation.
Last month, Mustapha Abdal-Hay, known as Abu Hafs al-Lubnani, blew himself up during a suicide attack in Baghdad.