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HAGHeight above Ground (measurement)
HAGHighest Adjacent Grade
HAGHardware Action Group
HAGHighest Adjacent Ground (US FEMA)
HAGHuntington Art Gallery (Texas)
HAGHazardous Activity Group (US DoD/US NSA)
HAGHousing Advocacy Group
HAGHome Access Gateway
HAGHi And Goodbye
HAGHelicopter Action Group
HAGHansen Assembly of God (Hansen, Idaho)
HAGHigh Assurance Guards (military information management assurance)
HAGHIV/AIDS and Gender
HAGHighly Academically Gifted
HAGHigh-explosive Anti-armor Grenade
HAGHorticulture Association of Ghana (trade group)
HAGHokkaido Adachi Gakuen (Japan)
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All the others then came to taste the porridge, and thought it nice, but after they had finished it the old hag grew so thirsty that she could stand it no longer, and asked her daughter to go out and bring her some water from the river that ran near by.
'Though I should die you shan't have that,' said the hag.
'Well, then, take it, you brat,' said the old hag, 'and be off with you, and make haste with the water.'
As M'ganwazam unfolded his plan in whispers to the savages squatting about him the old, toothless hag, to whom Tarzan had saved her hut for the night, hovered about the conspirators ostensibly to replenish the supply of firewood for the blaze about which the men sat, but really to drink in as much of their conversation as possible.
"You were kind to me to whom none is now kind, and I have come to warn you in payment of your kindness," answered the old hag.
"Fetch me the bundle, hag," replied De Vac, "and you shall have gold against a final settlement; more even than we bargained for if all goes well and thou holdest thy vile tongue."
``Ay,'' grumbled the hag, ``even thus is service requited.
``What devil's deed have they now in the wind?'' said the old hag, murmuring to herself, yet from time to time casting a sidelong and malignant glance at Rebecca; ``but it is easy to guess Bright eyes, black locks, and a skin like paper, ere the priest stains it with his black unguent Ay, it is easy to guess why they send her to this lone turret, whence a shriek could no more be heard than at the depth of five hundred fathoms beneath the earth.
"Good woman," replied the old hag, "you could not have asked anyone better.
ha!/" and the old hag writhed in ghastly merriment on the ground.
Look at these hags of squaws, friend Doctor; I have no judgment in savage tempers, if they are not bloody minded, and ready to work their accursed pleasures on us all.
Had I run like a bustling woman to have given you freedom, these hags of the Siouxes would have seen the same, and then where would you both have found yourselves?