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Haggis sales to the US have been prohibited since 1971 because some of the ingredients - including sheep's lungs - are banned there.
Lochhead said: "Opening up the US market to haggis will allow the tens of millions of Americans who claim Scottish ancestry to celebrate their heritage.
Don't follow the recipes that tell you to either trail the windpipe over the side of the pan to "drain away any impurities" (yuk) and don't listen when they tell you the windpipe is what gives the haggis its flavour.
A Tory peer claims haggis could cure the weight problems of Americans, presumably because no one would eat it.
Haggis also enjoyed a long association with Douglas Erskine-Crum during and after his spell as Ascot chief executive.
Indeed, so tasty was my haggis lasagne that I thought it deserved an ode to serve as an English celebration of haggis to go with Burns'.
Ian, whose younger brother Derek lives in Moseley, was travelling from Inverness to Dublin when his awardwinning haggis sparked trouble.
4 HAGGIS was a popular dish for the poor during Burns' lifetime.
Although its description is not immediately appealing, haggis has an excellent nutty texture and delicious savory flavor," said Larousse Gastronomique, the French bible on food.
I have used this method ever since and consider haggis with traditional neeps and tatties, with onion gravy a great dish by any standards.
Tradition also demands that the haggis is doused in whisky.
The Edinburgh-based company, which is the UK's biggest branded haggis producer, intends to soft-launch the site next week.