HAGNHave A Good Night
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As a result, local and international organizations came together to establish HAGN, and PROFAMIL was among its founding members.
HAGN provides girls with a safe space in which they can spend time with their peers, learn about their rights and obtain the support of trusted adults.
Fifteen-year-old Ester found out about HAGN at PROFAMIL.
HAGN is appreciated not just by the young girls participating but also by their parents and the larger community.
HAGN is currently working to strengthen its internal structure and increase sources of revenue to fund the network's activities.
Girls in the program are encouraged to share what they learn at HAGN with the other girls in their communities.
Hagn and Maennig (2008) showed that the 1974 World Cup, which was held in Germany, did not generate significant short- or long-term employment effects in that country.
She had another chance via the repechage, but lost again, to Johanna Hagn of Germany.
Examples of scholarly articles incorporating monthly data include Baade, Baumann, and Matheson (2008a, 2011), Coates (2006), Coates and Depken II (2006), Hagn and Maennig (2009), Lavoie and Rodriguez (2005), and Leeds (2008).
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No obstante, y para disminuir la incerteza, hemos contrastado nuestros resultados con una muestra proveniente de una base de datos elaborada a partir de datos generados por diversas investigaciones anteriores y Estudios de Impacto Ambiental, la cual, por los diversos origenes de los datos, puede en su conjunto ser considerada determinada por el azar (Caceres 1998; Caceres 2003; Contreras 1999; Falabella 2000; Gaete 1998; Hagn 1998; Hermosilla 1998, 2001; Massone 1978; Ocampo 1999; Rees 2003; Reyes 2001, 2003; Salazar y Mera 1997; Sanchez 2001; Seelenfreund 1996, 1999a, 1999b, 2000; Stehberg 1976; Thomas et al.
Hagn and Maennig (2007a) found that the World Cup 1974 in Germany had neither significant short-term nor long-term employment effects.