HAGTHave A Great Time
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Krepon, Michael, Eric Hagt, Dingli Shen, Bao Shixiu, and Michael Pillsbury.
Hagt suggests that the " 'S[c]hriever' space war games conducted by the U.S.
Hagt and Durnin suggest that by 2014 China would be able to locate and track U.S.
4 (Autumn 2009); Eric Hagt and Matthew Durnin, "China's Antiship Ballistic Missile: Developments and Missing Links," Naval War College Review 62, no.
Despite these obstacles, Hagt and Durnin apparently regard a space-based system as China's best hope for detecting, locating, and tracking carriers in the foreseeable future.
carrier battle groups in the western Pacific in the event of a conflict, while Eric Hagt and Matthew Durnin review Chinese thinking concerning the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance architecture supporting a putative ASBM capability, again on the basis of open-source Chinese materials.
Eric Hagt is the director of the China Program at the World Security Institute in Washington, D.C., and chief editor of China Security.
(12.) Bruce Blair, Chen Yali, and Eric Hagt, in "The Oil Weapon: Myth of China's Vulnerability," China Security (Summer 2006), have noted a doctrine of PLAN escalation in naval warfare, quoting former PLAN commander Liu Huaqing as having written in his memoirs, "When enemies attack our coastlines, we will attack our enemies' home base" (p.
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(18) Eric Hagt, "China's ASAT Test: Strategic Response," China Security, World Security Institute, Winter 2007.