HAHKHum Aapke Hai Kaun (movie)
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With more songs than dialogues, HAHK proved Bollywood buffs' penchant for mushy song-and-dance extravaganzas.
The vocabulary shared by South Estonian and Salaca Livonian includes a large number of words that can be found in Courland Livonian as well and are, thus, characteristic of Livonian as a whole, for example, the base words hahk 'grey', hahn 'woodpecker', kikas 'rooster', koiv 'birch', liin 'hill fort; town' (Sal Kur nin), nakkama 'to begin', peesitama 'to warm', tolv 'club', vahkrema 'to toss and turn' (cf.
7) it is first stated that the etymology is "obscure", but thereafter: "might belong together with either (1) the word hahk 'grey' or (2) ask 'trash, rubbish' or (3) hahkatama 'to pant'."