HAHOHigh Altitude High Opening
HAHOHospital Authority Head Office (Hong Kong)
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Caption: SOF units continue to rely upon HALO and HAHO parachuting as a primary insertion mechanism.
HAHO is taken from the outfit's forthcoming debut album Islander, which is due out on Shape Records next month.
The ID Parade were a noisy treat at Pivo Pivo, while back at the Arches, Aberdeen's Copy Haho showed they deserve wider acclaim.
La arafa mona o Haho, identificada como Theraphosa blondi es una de las especies de aranas mas grande conocidas, alcanzando con las patas extendidas un largo de 26cm, con un cuerpo de 8-10cm de diametro (Rogerio Bertani, comunicacion personal).
2 = ha- /ha-/ En chiapaneco, hao 3 = hamij /hamih/ En chiapaneco, jamiji 4 = haba (mi) haho /hahu/ En chiapaneco, haha 5 = jagus (mi) /haws/ No hay forma parecida.
Companies mentioned include Zomax (ZOMX), Shuffle Master (SHFL), Digital Biometrics (DBII), Grand Casinos (GND), Rainforest CafT (RAIN), Wilsons Leather (WLSN), Chronimed (CHMD), FSI International (FSII), Children's Broadcasting (AAHS), Disney (DIS), Harmony Holdings (HAHO), Medtronics (MDT), St.
KWH has reported the incident to the Hospital Authority Head Office (HAHO) via the Advance Incident Reporting System.
An operation can be conducted without any land mobility support, such as in a "HAHO" insertion, with limited assets when medium helicopters are used, or with more capable vehicles if heavy rotary-wing or fixed-wing aircraft are involved.
BUFFALO Bar in Cardiff this week hosts quality hip-hop from The Louie Boston Band on Monday (tickets TBA), Copy Haho on Wednesday, who are mates of Danananackroyd (pounds 6), and singer/songwriter Emma Tricca on Thursday (pounds 5).
The incident has been reported to the hospital management and Hospital Authority Head Office (HAHO) via the Advance Incident Reporting System.
We learn a new acronym tonight: HAHO. It stands for High Altitude High Opening parachute jump, although if you were flinging yourself out of a plane at 26,000 feet you might be screaming something considerably stronger than merely "Hey, ho".