HAIMSHealth Artifact and Image Management Solution
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As part of BBG, Haims will continue providing these services to attorneys, private clients, New York City real estate families, corporations, developers, not-for-profit entities, and numerous Federal, State and City government agencies.
Jerome Haims Realty is a provider of litigation support, arbitration and expert witness testimony services in the New York City real estate market.
For Jerome Haims Realty, a 50-year-old practice, running that type of lean operation made business hard to maintain and almost impossible to grow.
Eric Haims, the firm's president, said his small staff size, consisting of six appraisers and two administrative assistants, made it difficult for him to take jobs that pulled him away from the office for long stretches, such as stints as a professional witness.
Haims, owner of Hampton Properties LLC, either sells the property afterward or divides it into rental units.
Haims' business partner, Chad Rivard, founder of Rivard Real Estate & Management, said they try to acquire occupied houses and find a solution before property damage occurs.
HAIMS is planned to provide all 65 hospitals and medical centers within the global DoD healthcare system, as well as dental and medical clinics, enterprise-wide access and viewing of healthcare artifacts and images.
Harris said that it is providing support in the areas of system development and software design for the Web-based HAIMS solution.
The overall HAIMS programme was awarded to Evolvent as part of the Defense Systems Integration, Design, Development, Operations and Maintenance Services III contract vehicle, for which Evolvent is a small business prime contractor.
In November, Corey's mom, Judy Haim, appeared on "The Dr.
Feldman, 45, recently vowed to (http://www.ibtimes.com/corey-haims-alleged-sexual-abuser-exposed-corey-feldman-police-interview-report-says-2423224) stop speaking about the sexual abuse his late friend, Corey Haim, endured during his time in Hollywood out of respect for Haim's mother, Judy.