HAIPAHaitian-American Intellectual Property Association
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The HAIPA project of the state administration aims to reform the working methods of administrative courts (Supreme Administrative Court, Administrative Court, land Administrative Court, Insurance Law, Market Court and Labor Court) and allow electronic cooperation with other authorities, private law entities and citizens.
The report identified 11 of those abducted as Faija Banua, 44; Satra Banua, 13; Haide Banua, 9; Dalma Ambihal, 50; Alsaima Buddiman, 15; Binbin Banua, 9; Hapsa Ambihal, 28; Kalipa Ambihal, 22; Fathma Buddiman, 5 months old; Pasri Ambihal, 2; and Haipa Ambihal, 5.
(56) Chen Jihui, "Yindu weihe haipa zhongguo xiujian daba?" [Why is India Afraid of the Dam?]," Huanqi shibao [Global Times], 26 October 2010.
Take Shanghai Panic (Women haipa, 2002), a film screened at the 2002 Vancouver International Film Festival, as an example.