HAISAHuman Aspects of Information Security Assurance (UK)
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[7.] Noguchi H, Naomoto Y, Haisa M, Yamatsuji T, Shigemitsu K, Uetsuka H, Hamasaki S, Tanaka N: Retroperitoneal liposarcoma presenting an indirect inguinal hernia.
Bathroom with a Zuma soaking tub, ffameless glass shower, Haisa marble floors and walls.
Of the 44 students we talked with, nine are from the region of Sennar (including Karima, Taktuk and Wad al-Abbas); seven each from Wad Medani and Damazene, six from the greater Khartoum area, and several from towns in the Gezira area such as Hasa Haisa, Rufaa, Managil, Mahas and Rihana.
Tenders are invited for C/o interlocking work anil yaday (haisa) house to ramju gaur link road