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It was a normal day in the life of Egyptian director Haisam Abdel-Hamid.
Just eight days later, Hall was outpointed by 2-0 Haisam Ali at York Hall, Bethnal Green.
2017 started on a sad note with Rafay Rashdi's Thora Jee Le that seemed more like a student film than a commercial film; it was followed by Haisam Hussain's much-awaited Balu Mahi that launched Osman Khalid Butt in films as well as Sadaf Kanwal and was the comeback flick of Ainy Jaffri.
Haisam Hassanein is the Gazer Fellow a The Washington Institute for Near East Policy.
Among the top achievers in IGCSE level, securing A* in nine subjects are: Sara Rahman, Manahil Rashid Cheema, Aisha Khursheed, Areeba Arshad, Waniya Afroz, Arfa, Hamna Toqeer, Hania Sana, Muhammad Haisam Atif, Maheen Khurram, Haniyyah Toqeer, Eman Zahidullah Khan, Muhammad Waiz Zeeshan and Yumna Asif.
Haisam is a calm and enigmatic Egyptian/Turkish mathematician and chess historian, and Marie a promising cellist.
His most painful memory belongs to this year when his son, Haisam Nazmi, then aged 18, died in a car accident.
His name is Haisam Toubaljeh, and he is also known as Heysem Topalca.
Egyptian-American and Tel Aviv University's Valedictorian, Haisam Hassanein, made a heartfelt speech about his experience in Israel as an Arab earlier this month -- and suffice it to say, it surprised some people.
Haisam Hassanein was born and raised in rural Egypt, probably the last place one would expect an Israeli university's valedictorian to hail from.
The movie stars veteran Humayun Saeed and has been directed by award-winning diretor Haisam Hussain.
In turn, head of the Fine Arts Bureau Haisam Abu Mighdib, said that 102 children are participating in competitions in 16 field of specialties, including drawing, photography, printing, carving, ads designing, mosaic and painting on glass.