HAIVHypervelocity Asteroid Intercept Vehicle (astronomy)
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The HAIV is all that is needed to combat the upcoming Near-Earth Objects (NEO), which reports said shall threaten the earth in 2029 and 2036.
The nuclear bomb, which would be a millisecond behind the HAIV will then detonate inside the crater, and shatter it into millions of tiny pieces.
(8) This book was published in the Hmong language in 1997 as Haiv Hmoob Liv Xwm, followed, in 1999, by the Chinese original manuscript published in Guizhou under the title Zhongguo Miaozu tongshi "A Comprehensive History of the Chinese Miao" with a slightly different English subtitle on the jacket: "A Comprehensive History of the Chinese Hmong", probably in order to please Father Bertrais who ordered the work.
Vwj Zoov Tsheej, Haiv Hmoob Lij Xwm (Quezon City: Patrimoine Hmong, 2004).
Therefore, Hmong Americans who are between the ages of 15-40 now are being referred to as "you young people" (nej cov hluas) and the "intellectual group" (yog cov txawj ntse) who must "lead the Hmong to the future" (vuav tsum coj haiv neeg Hmoob lawm yav tom ntej).