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Oh please, Beyonce joining in on the haka wasn't disrespectful, she truly soaked it up and embraced it
How would an American know that imitating a haka while it's being performed is disrespectful to Maori?
Whether Beyonce should or should have not done the haka, it's clear that the Grammy-winning star meant no disrespect.
However, it is understood copyright does exist on a new and controversial version of the haka first performed by the New Zealand team last year.
The Kapa o Pango haka, widely criticised for its closing 'throat-slitting' gesture, was especially commissioned by the New Zealand Rugby Football Union.
One online fan, responding to a message board question on what the Welsh crowd can do to combat the haka, wrote, 'You want to make an impact on the Kiwi players?
He said, 'What we can do is get the crowd to sing as loud as we can when the teams come out, rather than interrupting the haka, which is very serious for them.