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HALHardware Abstraction Layer
HALHeuristically-programmed Algorithmic Computer (computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey)
HAL[not an acronym] from 2001: A Space Odyssey
HALHome Automated Living
HALHalliburton (oil service company)
HALHindustan Aeronautics Limited
HALHybrid Assistive Limb (robotic suit)
HALHistory, Arts and Libraries
HALHalon (fire protection agent)
HalHalberd (Runescape gaming)
HALHyper Article En Ligne (Hyper Article on Line)
HALHawaiian Airlines (ICAO code)
HALHolland Amerika Lijn (Dutch: Holland America Line)
HALHistidine Ammonia-Lyase
HALHorticulture Australia Ltd.
HALHealth Advisory Level
HALHot Air Leveling (technique for laying soldering coating on circuit boards)
HALHackers At Large
HALAtlantic Halibut
HALHard Array Logic
HALHardware Adaptation Layer
HALHeavy Axle Load (transportation)
HALHand Activity Level
HALHigh Accident Location
HALHigh-Order Assembly Language
HALHardware Artificial Life
HALHyperspace Analog to Language
HALHoward Astronomical League (Howard County, Maryland)
HALHargrave-Andrew Library (Monash University, Australia)
HALHyper-Algorithmic Logic (Star Bridge Systems Inc. hypercomputer technology)
HALHorizontal Alert Limit
HALHickling Arthurs Low Corporation (Canada)
HALHumanities, Arts and Languages
HALHuman Access Language (early variation of Lotus 123)
HALHelicopter Attack Squadron Light (US Navy aviation unit designation used 1967-72 and again 1976-88)
HALHeight Above Landing Area
HALHistorical Annotated Landings (National Marine Fisheries Service database)
HALHighly Automated Logic
HALHypertext Aided Learning
HALHolston Associated Libraries, Inc.
HALHalken Laboratories Inc
HALHomework Access Line
HALHyperbaric Airlock
HALHer Active Life (women's health publication)
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HAL software functions like an operating system for the home, enabling users to control their homes -- and all the technology inside -- remotely.
Speaking on the occasion, Ms Chandrasekhar said it is the first time India Post is coming out with customized My Stamp and HAL is first organization to have it.
HAL Board members were present along with members from Flight Operations, IAF-IPMT(integrated project management team) headed by Air Marshal Rajesh Kumar, Regional Center for Military Airworthiness (RCMA) and Regional Director of Quality Assurance (RDQA).
General Manager Overhaul Division, HAL and Steve Timms, Managing Director, Defence Information, Training and Services, Military Air & Information, BAE Systems, in the presence of HAL s Managing Director, Bangalore Complex Naresh Babu and Chris Boardman, Managing Director, Military Air & Information, BAE Systems.
Since closing above its 10-month trendline in October 2002, HAL has steadily increased along this staunch support.
HAL and Aeronautical Society of India, HAL Chairman added, More than 70 per cent of manufacturing needs of IAF is done by HAL.
They have instead focused on providing this functionality to enhance business management and accountability across other areas such as supply chain management, CRM and HR systems," said Mark Kusionowicz, vice president marketing at HAL.
HAL support will be in the form of five fellowships for M.
On its daily chart, we see that HAL has been kicked sideways between the 40 and 44 levels since January.
HAL will be displaying the models of Advance Light Helicopter (ALH, VIP version), Multirole Transport Aircraft (MTA), Dornier and Light Utility Helicopter (LUH).
HAL s Aerospace Division contributed in a significant way for the launch by supplying 13 types of riveted structural assemblies and seven types of welded propellant tankages and feed lines which include three structures and two propellant tankages , said Dr.
With the handing over of the airport terminal building, HAL has started taking initiatives to attract private airlines operators to start air service from Nashik.