HALBHolland American Legion Band (Holland, MI)
HALBHebrew Academy of Long Beach (New York)
HALBHmong Association of Long Beach (Long Beach, CA)
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halb 'bad', kabi 'hoof' , katsuma 'to touch' , kord 'order; turn; layer' , ots 'end; head; tip' , pars 'bar, pole', poial 'thumb', teadma 'to know', uskuma 'to believe', ake 'harrow' etc.
Those five people appeared to say they were in Halb, south of Syria, which has been witnessing fierce confrontations between the regime's military forces and opposition militants.
Shaikh Halb says: "It is an oath of honour which includes everyone".
gantz, halb, nisht, ...) for the four letters on the dreidle--he said that for them "nun" is the letter that means to take the entire pot!
Auf der Unterseite des Hinterflugels ist das Glanzband im Aussenrandsgebiet kurzer und nur etwa halb so breit als das typischer denina.
Halberd (BULLETIN BOARD: HALB), a Michigan-based management company, has announced that its subsidiary SellMyBusinessNow.com, Inc.
Kuigi Valter Lang on kritiseerinud parimuse kogunemise vordlemist kultuurkihi kujunemisega (Lang 1999, 172), ei pruugigi see paralleel nii halb olla.
And one student from the prestigious film school, Rabea Gorny, received awards in both the factual and the coveted Best of Festival categories for Halb (Half).
Sehen die Tiefkuhlkost-produzenten nun ein halb volles oder ein halb leeres Glas, wenn sie in die Kristallkugel schauen, um herauszufinden, was das Jahr 2009 fur sie bereit halt.
(101) "'Kinder gegessen': Berlusconi relativiert China-Ziat nur halb" (www.orf.at/ticker/213555.
In Example (21) and Figure 9 the signer intends HALB ACHT 'half eight' which requires two two-handed signs, HALB and ACHT.
(23) "Halb kuhl fesches Americangirl, halb mager getanzte altere Gigolo-Mazenin" (151).