HALOXHalogen Oxide
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The saw blade in HaloX Body--Two slices the concrete-covered bronze human figure in half, symbolizing the dualities of body and being.
"Halox is a highly respected leader in the market for corrosion-resistant coatings with an outstanding reputation for quality and service," said James Moffatt, president of ICL Performance Products LP (Americas).
* Eckart America LP * Halox Pigments * Ineos Silicas * Kerr-McGee Chemical LLC * Mallinckrodt * MiniFibers * Mississippi Lime Co.
The synergistic combination of Halox 550 WF with Halox 430 JM's zinc-free technology is one of many alternatives to achieving long-term corrosion protection in clear coats applied to metal components while avoiding the use of toxic or heavy metal based corrosion inhibitors.
Principals: BYK USA, Eckart America, Tronox Inc., Halox Corporation, Rockwood Pigments, Specialty Polymers Inc., Unimin Corporation, Tor Minerals, Dover Chemical, Everlight Corporation
Halox had not exhibited in three years, and sales manager Michael O'Brien said it was a great opportunity to showcase its new products.
Our HALOX product line is formulated to offer safer, more durable, and longer-lasting solutions to address a multitude of coatings markets such as: aerospace, agricultural and construction equipment, architectural, automotive refinish, coil coatings, and industrial maintenance.
ICL Performance Products, a global specialty phosphate producer, has acquired Halox, a division of Hammond Group, Inc.
Attributes/comments: Halox's new water-free inorganic-organic sol-gel corrosion inhibitor has been designed to eliminate corrosion, maintain high gloss and is suitable for thin film coatings.
acquired HALOX. a division of Hammond Group, Inc., in October 2011.
Combining Solubility Parameters and Particle Size Distribution of Anti-Corrosive Pigments to Achieve Optimal Coating Performance--Nathan Kofira, HALOX