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HALPHyperactivity, Attention, and Learning Problems Clinic (est. 1987)
HALPHomeless Accommodation Leeds Pathway (UK)
HALPHalowa Amatorska Liga Pilkarska (Polish: Amateur Indoor Football League)
HALPHousing Assistance Loan Program
HALPHawaii Algebra Learning Project
HALPHawk Equipment Logistics Program
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Figure 8 shows the concentration evolution for a HALP (high activity catalyst) system, with a polymer yield 20 times higher than that in Fig.
When a high activity catalyst under laboratory conditions (or HALP system) is modeled, the predictions are similar to those found for the LALP system in Figs.
In general, no appreciable changes in the concentration levels in the LALP and HALP systems are observed.
Figure 13 shows porosity changes for long polymerization times in both LALP and HALP systems, confirming the trend observed in Fig.
In this work, only two experiences were simulated, one for each LALP and HALP systems.
1, the laboratory conditions for the LALP and HALP systems described in Part I were modeled using the complete scheme in this work, including the thermal effects.
A set of simulations was conducted, first, for the HALP system using the complete model, with energy balances included.
7, porosity plots as functions of time are displayed for the LALP, HALP and HAMP systems.
As was detailed in Part I for LALP and HALP systems, porosity remains almost constant for the remainder of the polymerization process.