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HALSHistoric American Landscape Survey (American Society of Landscape Architects)
HALSHindered Amine Light Stabilizer (polymer coating)
HALSHealth and Activity Limitation Survey (Canada)
HALSHouston Area Library System
HALSHand Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery
HALSHertfordshire Archives and Local Studies (UK)
HALSHouston Area Live Steamers (Hockley, Texas)
HALSHIV-Associated Lipodystrophy Syndrome
HALSHawaii Association of Land Surveyors
HALSHigher, Adjacent, Lower, Supporting (part of constructive simulation exercises)
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This was the first time Buck had failed, in itself a sufficient reason to drive Hal into a rage.
Hal was hurled backward, as though struck by a failing tree.
It's my dog," Hal replied, wiping the blood from his mouth as he came back.
Hal guided at the gee-pole, and Charles stumbled along in the rear.
Suddenly, they saw its back end drop down, as into a rut, and the gee-pole, with Hal clinging to it, jerk into the air.
The stamp depicts HALs special 75-year logo that signifies HALs journey in the past 75 years.
As the Bank of Moscow is part of the VTB group, VTB may be able to take ownership of up to 100% of Hals, local agency Interfax commented in its report of the purchase.
8) HALS compounds do effectively scavenge free radicals at the coating surface where minor protection of the UVA is given, retard the photo oxidative degradation of polymers (i.
Benzophenones, benzotriazoles, and HALS include Lowilite 20, 20S, 22, and 24 hydroxybenzophenones.
TICKETS for Hal Ketchum's tour in September are selling like hot cakes and the tour is expected to sell out in the next few days.
A new, nonbasic HALS provides stabilization in polyolefins, where interactions with other system components, such as halogenated flame retardants, must be minimized.
In the early 1980s, virtually all other uv-stabilizer producers focused their attention on developing HALS products.