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HAMRHealth and Medical Response (various locations)
HAMRHeat Assisted Magnetic Recording
HAMRHeat-Assisted Magnetic Recording
HAMRHigh Area-to-Mass Ratio (physics)
HAMRHarvard Ambulatory MicroRobot (Harvard University: Boston, MA)
HAMRHand Actuated Mental Reconditioning (self-help system)
HAMRHierarchical Adaptive Mesh Refinement
HAMRHeavy Anti Material Rifle
HAMRHash Animation Master Realtime
HAMRHarrisburg Area Mtnbike Riders
HAMRHumboldt Alliance for Medical Rights
HAMRHard American Metallic Rock
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This paper investigates a PC waveguide-based light delivery system for HAMR. We examined taper coupling and bending structures.
Jah, "Coupled orbit-attitude motion of high area-to-mass ratio (HAMR) objects including efficient self-shadowing," Acta Astronautica, vol.
HAMR will require the integration of photonic components such as lasers, waveguides and plasmonic antennas into the recording head.
From the present study we select the appropriate lubricant from all of the lubricants mentioned here which is stable on a hard disk carbon overcoat at HAMR condition.
(-5.2%) Dollar Dollar Market sales sales LEADING BRANDS ** share (000) % change Oral B Pulsar 15.2% $2,375 - 12.8% Oral B CrossAction Power 13.1% 2,051 - 14.7% Sonicare 11.0% 1,727 + 45.1% Arm & Hammer Spnbrsh Pro Clean 10.3% 1,611 - 3.8% Sonicare Essence 6.3% 987 - 18.8% Oral B Pro Health 4.6% 720 + 6.4% Oral B Professional Care 4000 3.8% 598 -- Arm & Hammr Spinbrsh Pro Whiting 3.6% 565 - 5.8% Sonicare Xtreme 3.5% 545 + 54.2% Arm & Hamr Spnbrsh Kids My Way 2.3% 354 - 26.6% TOTAL UNIT SALES * 4.6 mil.
In terms of the customer satisfaction, Mazhar 1 comes first with 91 per cent people surveyed expressing satisfaction, followed by Nad Al Hamr (81%) and Mazhar 2 (70%).
Eng Saifie said: "The idea of segregating waste from source was applied in three areas, which are Nad Al Hamr, Mazhar 1 and Mazhar 2 on an experimental basis.
Leading the way for greater disk density will be technologies such asheat-assisted magnetic recording(HAMR), which Seagate patented in 2006.
The Mark 4 4x24mm HAMR is a compact illuminated scope made for any AR-15 variant.
Astacopsis gouldi (Clark 1936) is the world's largest freshwater invertebrate, reaching weights of 4 kg or more and living for decades; females reach sexual maturity at 14 y and males at 9 y (Hamr unpubl.) The species is endemic to streams in northern Tasmania, where it was the target of recreational fishery until January 1998 (Threatened Species Section 2006).
With a modification under HAMR regardless of who owns or guarantees the mortgage, mortgage loan servicers are provided with financial incentives to modify existing first lien mortgages.