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HAMSHeintz Art Metal Shop (Buffalo, New York)
HAMSHarm Reduction, Abstinence and Moderation Support (New York, NY)
HAMSHospital Aseptic Management System
HAMSHeadquarters and Maintenance Squadron
HAMSHuntingdon Area Middle School (Huntingdon, PA)
HAMSHigh Altitude Mapping System
HAMSHull, Armament, Masts, Stacks (US Air Force)
HAMSHealthcare Assessment and Management System
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TOM THUMB set to work at once to carve the ham. It was a beautiful shiny yellow, streaked with red.
HUNCA MUNCA up in her chair, and chopped at the ham with another lead knife.
God knows, I don't grudge them every ham in the house--only, save the best for the funeral.
But some of the visitors alighted and did not depart after the handsome treating to veal and ham. Brother Jonah, for example (there are such unpleasant people in most families; perhaps even in the highest aristocracy there are Brobdingnag specimens, gigantically in debt and bloated at greater expense)--Brother Jonah, I say, having come down in the world, was mainly supported by a calling which he was modest enough not to boast of, though it was much better than swindling either on exchange or turf, but which did not require his presence at Brassing so long as he had a good corner to sit in and a supply of food.
I wonder, thought I, if this can possibly be a part of his Ramadan; do they fast on their hams that way in his native island.
About midnight Tom arrived with a boiled ham and a few trifles, and stopped in a dense undergrowth on a small bluff overlooking the meeting-place.
So through various yawning holes there slipped to the floor below--to one room hams, to another forequarters, to another sides of pork.
We were welcomed by a very civil woman in a white apron, whom I had seen curtseying at the door when I was on Ham's back, about a quarter of a mile off.
Then the mice told her that the witch had a cat, and the cat was very fond of ham; if she would give the cat her ham, it would show her the way out of the wood, and in the meantime they would spin the yarn for her.
The animation and variety wanting at Ham Farm were far from being supplied by the company in the house.
She was idly arranging her little morsels of ham in a pattern on her plate.
Here there stood a white house within a walled garden, and in the pantry of this domicile we found a store of food--two loaves of bread in a pan, an uncooked steak, and the half of a ham. I give this catalogue so precisely because, as it happened, we were destined to subsist upon this store for the next fortnight.