HAMTHuman Aided Machine Translation
HAMTHodkinson Abbreviated Mental Test
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19) Therefore, when used in the early stage of chemical burns, HAMT is thought to promote healing of the ocular surface by preventing leukocyte infiltration, decreasing the duration and severity of inflammation, and protecting the epithelial progenitor cells.
21, 19) In severe injuries, amniotic membrane transplantation (HAMT) restores the conjunctival surface without symblepharon and reduces limbal stromal inflammation, but does better when HAMT combined with LAT as also shown in other studies.
Age/ Procedure Disintegration Preop Postop gender of HAMT and BCVA BCVA Ed heal time(days) /sympt reductn time(days) Acutechemic al burn 1/42/M HAMT 44/3 CF 6/12 2/44/M HAMT 36/10 CF CF 3/56/M HAMT 24/1 6/60 6/12 4/8/F HAMT 24/1 CF 6/60 5/42/M HAMT 44/3 CF 6/18 6/17/M HAMT 26/3 CF 6/18 Chronic chemical burn 1/8/F SR+HAMT 34/5 6/60 6/36 +LAT 2/44/M SR+HAMT 94/33 CF CF 3/24/M SR+HAMT 26/14 HM 6/36 4/56/F SR+HAMT 30/12 HM 6/24