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HANFHousing Assistance for Needy Families
HANFHuman Atrial Natriuretic Factor
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sativa, "We have indigenous or self-growing hemp in the Taurus mountains (s11), on the Terek (s11), along the Don, and the Dnieper in Novorossiya (s12)." Guldenstadt (1791) encountered wilder hanf in Ukraine and referred to it as "Cannabis" or a new name, Cannabis vulgaris (x1).
This result echoed prior research (e.g., Hanf & Kuhl, 2005), indicating that agribusiness branding is a shaping process based on product quality and market niche that must be continually invested in and carefully maintained.
Theodor Hanf, in his "Coexistence in Wartime Lebanon," said that it took just two weeks for the Chouf to be nearly entirely cleansed of Christians.
A meaningful relation which was on negative direction was found between referees' reading correcting number of color names which were printed with different colors and their sound left hanf reaction time (r = -,197 ve p<0,05).
(146.) See Dominik Hanf, 'Reverse Discrimination' in EU
Some of those risks can be mitigated with service level agreements (Buck & Hanf, 2010).
(10.) Adenis A, Nacher M, Hanf M, Basurko C, Dufour J, Huber F, et al.
While most studies find that dependence on a business partner leads to exertion of power or coercive behavior by the most powerful party (Corsten and Felde 2005; Gassenheimer and Ramsey 1994; Rajagopal 2009), other studies claim that this behavior is counterproductive because the most dependent party develops a relational orientation and is less likely to be opportunistic (Belaya, Gagalyuk, and Hanf 2009).
Hanf, "Biofuel chain development in Germany: Organisation, opportunities, and challenges", vol.
Andere Fasern wie Leinen, Hanf oder Wolle werden deutlich seltener verwendet (Ahlert und Rohlfing 2010).