HANOHousing Authority of New Orleans
HANOHawaii Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations
HANOHigh Altitude No Opening
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They are taking content that they have in the museum and finding new ways to share it with people from all over the world," Hano says.
Another insight that Hano has gleaned from Mag+'s first 1,000 apps is that successful content publishers will use apps, social media, and traditional websites to create a sense of community.
One of the reasons Kaldor and Hano see a bright future for mobile publishing is the way publishers are "training" children.
These institutions are perceived to have integrity, which was something HANO wasn't perceived to have had.
Sternly poised at the conference table in his HANO office, Mason reflected on how working in poorer communities gave him an appreciation and an understanding of grassroots organizing, which he says, prepared him to work in his dual capacity as university official and social program director.
When we got here, we noticed HANO trying to do two things and wasn't doing either well.
Although HANO officials say the twice-funded installation project is still "in process," today, more than a year and a half after Desire's smoke detectors arrived at the agency warehouse, a maintenance worker at Desire says, "We're still waiting.
Thanks to Mayor Landrieu and the members of the Advisory Board, HANO has solid leadership and a strong operational foundation.
Following years of mismanagement and substandard housing for residents, HANO has reemerged and once again focused to perform its mission.
Prior to administrative receivership, HUD, the City of New Orleans, and HANO implemented several reforms and oversight strategies which failed to improve operations at HANO.