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HANSHead and Neck Support
HANSHead and Neck Support/System (brace worn by motor sport drivers; trademark of Hubbard/Downing, Inc.)
HANSHead and Neck Safety (safety device)
HANSHealth Action Network Society
HANSHelp Autism Now Society (est. 2002; Salem, OR)
HANSHeavy Aromatic Naphtha Solvent
HANSHealth Alert Network System (various locations)
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Why, if little Hans came up here, and saw our warm fire, and our good supper, and our great cask of red wine, he might get envious, and envy is a most terrible thing, and would spoil anybody's nature.
Well," said the Linnet, hopping now on one leg and now on the other, "as soon as the winter was over, and the primroses began to open their pale yellow stars, the Miller said to his wife that he would go down and see little Hans.
Good morning,' said Hans, leaning on his spade, and smiling from ear to ear.
Hans Nelson was stolid and easy- going, while Edith had long before won his unbounded admiration by her capacity for getting on with people.
It was patent that he intended to kill Hans and her.
The countryman stopped to ask what was o'clock; this led to further chat; and Hans told him all his luck, how he had so many good bargains, and how all the world went gay and smiling with him.
Hans lay down by my side and lighted a good-night cigar.
If he was out now dere would not be much of us left hereabouts," said Hans, lazily.
At a particularly bad spot, where a ledge of barely submerged rocks jutted out into the river, Hans cast off the rope, and, while Thornton poled the boat out into the stream, ran down the bank with the end in his hand to snub the boat when it had cleared the ledge.
He swam powerfully and was dragged ashore by Pete and Hans at the very point where swimming ceased to be possible and destruction began.
For a moment the terror of Hans Van Ripper's wrath passed across his mind, --for it was his Sunday saddle; but this was no time for petty fears; the goblin was hard on his haunches; and (unskilful rider that he was
Hans Van Ripper now began to feel some uneasiness about the fate of poor Ichabod, and his saddle.