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HAP1Huntingtin-Associated Protein 1
HAP1Hook Associated Protein 1
HAP1Heme Activator Protein 1
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Three haplotypes were identified in China: Hap1 (dark red), Hap2 (orange), and Hap3 (dark yellow).
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The crystal structure of the human DNA repair endonuclease HAP1 suggests the recognition of extra-helical deoxyribose at DNA abasic sites.
The haplotype networking has shown that Hap1 contributed 48.051% and appeared in six populations whereas, Hap6, Hap11, Hap 16 and Hap17 were also shared by some populations, rest of the haplotypes were unique.
Hap1 and Hap3 were the shared haplotypes in generations 0 and 5, with Hap5 shared haplotype in generations 10, 15, 16, and 17.
Among the 6 pure populations in the SD clade (i.e., populations that were 100% Hap1) (Zhang et al.
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We detected haplotypes structure and found the common haplotype (hap1) had a relatively high frequency in two breeds, for the haplotype was present in the population for a long time.