HAPANHIV/AIDS Peer Advisory Network (Australia)
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[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ([??]PB 738); 'savanyu, keseru; keseruseg' (EMSz 420); 'happamuus; hapan' (ESS 189); [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]/ sauer; bitter, scharf; Bitterkeit' (MdWb 210).
The other contestants were Preetam Singh and Mohammad Tanvir Ahmed from the Diplomat Hotel, Ashoka Wijesinghe Hapan and Pathmasiri Rajapaksha from the Gulf Hotel and Mandip Aryal, Elias Aboud and Ken Edward Ignacio from the Jawad Group team Delifrance.
Thucydides characterizes the situation as one in which actors are unable to practice any measure of "hesitation" (mellesis promethes; III.82.4), "moderation" (to sophron; III.82.4), and "practical intelligence" (to pros hapan xuneton; III.82.4).(12)