HAPASHertfordshire Alcohol Problems Advisory Service (UK)
HAPASHighway Authority Product Approval Scheme (British Board of Agrément; UK)
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Site 2 - 127 females and 127 males (1 female:1 male) were individually distributed in polyethylene hapas measuring 1 [m.sup.3] (1 m deep X 1 m wide X 1 m long), open mesh of 1 [mm.sup.2], with a density of 2 fishes [m.sup.-2] maintained in a 400 [m.sup.2] earthen pond covered by an agricultural greenhouse, and an average depth of 1 m.
Site 3 - 165 females and 64 males (2.6 females:1 male) were distributed in 4 polyethylene hapas: two measured 28 [m.sup.3] (1 m deep X 2 m wide X 14 m long) and two hapas measured 14 [m.sup.3] (1m deep X 2 m wide X 7 m long), open mesh of 1 [mm.sup.2], with an approximate density of 2.8 fishes [m.sup.-2] maintained in a 360 [m.sup.2] earthen pond and an average depth of 1 m, located in Alfenas, Minas Gerais State, Brazil (37[degrees]25'19,1"N and 122[degrees]05'06"W).
The broodstock in Site 2 were maintained in individual hapas, allocated in trios inside the tank, with one male for two females.
In the production systems using hapas installed in earthen ponds, similar to those in current study, Bombardelli et al.
Current study demonstrated that Site 2 (in 1 [m.sup.3] hapas) had a lower spawning frequency than the other sites, especially with regard to age 2.
Effect of sex ratio on reproductive performance of broodstock Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in suspended earthen pond hapas. Journal of the Arabian Aquaculture Society, 7(1), 19-28.