HAPEXHydrologic Atmospheric Pilot Experiment
HAPEXHydrological-Atmospheric Pilot Experiment
HAPEXHydrological Atmospheric Pilot Experiment
HAPEXHydroxylapatite Polyethylene Composite (implant biomaterial)
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The HAPEX prosthesis was sized by placing it within the middle ear and trimming it with a surgical scalpel.
9) in the HAPEX group and from 6 to 53 months (mean: 28.
A successful outcome was achieved in 37 of 46 patients in the HAPEX group (80.
3%) in the HAPEX group and in 87 of the 101 patients (86.
Within the HAPEX group, the mean postoperative ABGs in the cartilage and no-cartilage subgroups were 14.
In this study, the hearing results obtained with the HATi prosthesis were comparable to those obtained with the HAPEX implant, but the HATi device had some significant advantages.