HAPLHigh Average Power Laser Program (USA)
HAPLHigh Altitude Power Loss (aviation)
HAPLHuntley Area Public Library (Huntley, IL)
HAPLHazleton Area Public Library (Hazleton, PA)
HAPLHatsun Agro Products Ltd.
HAPLHIV/AIDS Policy and Law Newsletter (Canada)
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OGRA has still not taken any decision over the complaint of HAPL as it has kept mum on the matter due to alleged pressure from the ministry of energy, said sources.
The PUI neared the final portion of the HAPL at 100 feet above the ground with 80 knots airspeed.
Included in this year's fiscal fourth quarter net income was income from discontinued operations of $447,000 associated with Hometown Threads and the wind down of HAPL Leasing.
A conceptual design for an in-flight target tracking steering system was shown at the last HAPL meeting.
During the fiscal year and fourth quarter, HAPL has entered into approximately $39.
He noted that the HAPL program had set "Phase I" goals at the fusion community meeting in Snow mass in 2002.
On the value-added products level, we continue to expand the markets served by our Pulse Microsystems and HAPL Leasing subsidiaries and our Embroidery Supply Warehouse (ESW) division.
Regarding the HAPL program, the Committee said, "The Committee recommendation includes $25,000,000 to continue development of high average power lasers and supporting science and technology within the Inertial Fusion Technology line.
During the fourth quarter of fiscal 1996, HAPL entered into $6.
The HAPL program was appropriated $24 million in FY 2002.