HAPLOSHemophilia Association of the Philippines for Love and Service
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With the lighting of the pylon and the start of Holy Week, HAPLOS partnered with the church group FAMILIA (Family Life Apostolate)- East Community to hold a prayer for the sick through a Celebration of the Holy Mass on April 15 at the Museo ni Manuel Quezon Grounds in front of the shrine.
At the moment, HAPLOS has filed appeals with government agencies for the benefit of the community members.
Is this phanstasmatic knowability, which renounces the possession of its object and, by focusing merely on appearance, guarantees its unappropriability: is it this haplos at the core of the Western politico-metaphysical tradition?
First, one could go agent-relative, so to speak, and restrict the virtue being promoted to the agent's virtue (or, more particularly, to one or more of the agent's virtues), rather than virtue haplos. Such a restriction is implicit in expression: the conduct does not express virtue simpliciter, it expresses the agent's virtue--who else's could it be?
En seguida aclara que "<<Nuda>>, en el sintagma <<nuda vida>>, corresponde aqui al termino griego haplos, con el que la filosofia primera define el ser puro" (Agamben, 1998: 261)
Mas ele nao diz (nao pensa) o ser no sentido absoluto (haplos, como diz Aristoteles): o ser como << genero >>, do qual todos os outros generos devem participar para serem ditos <<entes>> (Platao, Sofista); nem tampouco o ser << enquanto ser >> (on he on) do qual, desde Aristoteles, a filosofia pretende ser a ciencia.
(22) The idea is introduced at Topics I 4, 101b 19-23 and Topics I 5, 102a26 where it is also called idion haplos (distinguishing without qualification).
In addition, he distinguishes something's either being impossible by hypothesis (ex hupotheseos) or absolutely (haplos), which is not too far removed from something's being impossible in itself or through another.