HAPLRHennen American Public Library Ratings
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The HAPLR Index web site expands on the information in American Libraries articles.
Librarians lobbying for added state funding in the state of Georgia used their poor Haplr index rankings as part of their campaign strategy.
The Haplr index is a composite measure of both inputs and outputs.
On the other hand, creatively reusing collected data to perform calculations and create new products such as the Haplr index is exactly the kind of knowledge creation function that makes the internet such a powerful tool.
The Haplr index assumes the common US model of library organisation.
Measures in the American Haplr index include such things as funding per capita and cost per circulation.
Five years ago, some Australians were already considering an index very much like the Haplr index.
It is hoped that the Haplr index and an Australian or New Zealand E-Index equivalent will contribute to advancing the quest.
The composite percentile score means that that this library's HAPLR score of 806 was higher than 97.
An example of how to read the data in this table: Regarding expenditure per capita, the table tells us that the HAPLR Index is weighted at 3 factor.
The author developed this rating system called Hennen's American Public Library Rating Index (HAPLR Index) as an aid in library planning.