HAPLRHennen American Public Library Ratings
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Hennen's American Public Library Ratings System, HAPLR (tm), attempts to identify the public libraries in America with the highest input and output measures.
The HAPLR Index is similar to an ACT or SAT score with a theoretical minimum of 1 and a maximum of 1,000, although most libraries score between 260 and 730.
The HAPLR Index web site expands on the information in American Libraries articles.
An example of how to read the data in this table: Regarding expenditure per capita, the table tells us that the HAPLR Index is weighted at 3 factor.
The HAPLR Index for the 2,496 libraries in this group ranged from 9 to 932, with 90% of all libraries scoring between 260 and 733.
City Anywhere City 2 City 3 State WI WI WI Zip 5-- 5-- 5-- Population 78,751 85,282 77,435 HAPLR Index 806 749 726 Composite Percentile 97.