HAPOHigh Altitude Pulmonary Oedema
HAPOHyperglycaemia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome (medical study)
HAPOHanford Atomic Products Operations
HAPOHigh Availability Planned Outage
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"The Management of Hapo'el Taibe: We Call Our Arab Brothers form the North and the Galilee to Come to Support US." Al-Sanara, Sport Supplement, p.
[17.] HAPO Study Cooperative Research Group, Metzger BE, Lowe LP, et al Hyperglycemia and adverse pregnancy outcomes.
The HAPO study, with a large, multinational cohort of 25505 pregnant women, showed a continuous relationship between maternal glycemia and adverse outcomes, with no obvious thresholds at which risks increased (3).
Cord blood C peptide level greater than 90th percentile (ref value from HAPO study cohort) seen in 8 babies in metformin arm and only 5 babies in glyburide arm, but statistically not significant.
This letter represents my personal views and has not in any way received the assistance, approval or encouragement of the HAPO Board, its chairman, or the CEO of HAPO CCU.
According to an IAF release, her condition could have easily deteriorated into High Altitude Pulmonary Oedema (HAPO), a threatening condition that can only be averted by early evacuation to lower altitudes and immediate medical attention.
(9.) Numbenjapon T, Ma hapo N, Pornvipavee R, et al.
Hapo tjiwana me mwinavi / ambawish'e ondanga mezuko mwatje tjita tjizembwa / periwa pepwa / ene vandu ovazorondu muzemba okuzemburuka ovina ovingi mbiatjitwa mehi retu raKauakovere / Ovita viaHamakari via Kakonge [...] ovita mbio viamana ovandu / ovita mbio viahana ovandu ovenge veri mozombongo rata vakarara / Tjiva vatupuka ko Tjauana / tjivikori kongwe ya Kazaoro tjiva veri moMauaneno / tjiva veri moTjihitwa, tjiva veri koSolowe / kukwaza omatupa waMaharero / Ndjipuratenee nawa mehungire omakuruhungi / metamuna ovamama [...] I vamama mbumehungire ovakweuva wo mutate / waMwakaheke ina mutena waKanauanga / ndjipuratenee nawa omukweuva mahungire.
Note the implications of these conclusions on diagnosis: Among the findings of the Hyperglycemia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome (HAPO) study, (4) 8.3% of subjects had a fasting venous plasma glucose [greater than or equal to]92 mg/dL, and would be diagnosed with GDM, and an additional 7.8% had a 1-hour or 2-hour glucose above threshold limits after an OGTT.
The Hyperglycemia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome (HAPO) study examined the effects of hyperglycemia less severe than that in diabetes in 23,316 women.