HAPRHarvard Asia Pacific Review (Harvard University)
HAPRHerman and Almonte Public Relations (New York, NY)
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Phosphorylated LuxO, via an indirect mechanism that involves degradation of the hapR mRNA encoding the HapR protein, increases the concentration of the positive regulator AphA, and the presence of this positive regulator leads to expression of other positive regulators TcpP and TcpH that activate expression of ToxT (Fig.
The quorum sensing regulator HapR downregulates the expression of the virulence gene transcription factor AphA in Vibrio cholerae by antagonizing Lrp- and VpsR-mediated activation.
Twelve of the top 300 expressed genes in vivo were part of the pathogenesis functional group and included the virulence regulators tcpP, tcpH and toxR, the hemolysin and hemolysin transporter genes hlyA and hlyB, and the hemagglutinin protease gene hapR. For P.