HAPSAHyogo Administrative Policy Studies Association (Japan)
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The report identified 11 of those abducted as Faija Banua, 44; Satra Banua, 13; Haide Banua, 9; Dalma Ambihal, 50; Alsaima Buddiman, 15; Binbin Banua, 9; Hapsa Ambihal, 28; Kalipa Ambihal, 22; Fathma Buddiman, 5 months old; Pasri Ambihal, 2; and Haipa Ambihal, 5.
For instance, Hapsa Khan is one of my favorite female personalities in Kurdistan.
Hapsa Sharif, one of the patients who stayed at the hospital for four days, says her situation was so bad that it had affected her kidneys and her heart as well.