HAPSITEHazardous Air Pollutants on Site (field portable gas chromatograph mass spectrometer)
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(5.) "CENTAF Inficon HAPSITE Gas Chromatograph / Mass Spectrometer Concept of Operations and Execution," 14 January 2003, 1-2.
HAPSITE Viper is integrated into a chemical analysis vehicle that is designed to protect the occupants.
In contrast to the Hapsite and the MM2, which are based on conventional quadrupole MS technology, the two newest portable GC/MS systems are based on variations of ion trap MS technology, which is generally better at identifying unknowns.
After a five-minute tutorial, the technician went into the site dressed in a HazMat Level B suit with air tanks strapped to his back and Hapsite slung on his shoulder.
Inficon has had good success with the Hapsite GC/ MS system, and the Sentex products should be quite complementary.
HAPSITE Headspace Sampling System provides highly accurate, onsite analysis of volatile organic compounds in soil or water.
order late last year for its HAPSITE Field Portable Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer (see IBO 4/30/02).
INFICON Holding AG received a $1.2 million order for its HAPSITE field portable GC/MS from the US Dept.
INFICON Holding AG delivered a $1.8 million order for HAPSITE field portable GC/MS systems to the US Dept.
Syracuse, NY and Zurich, Switzerland 11/30/01--Inficon Holding AG has acquired the HAPSITE GC/MS product line from Unaxis.
On the other hand, Leybold Inficon's portable GC/MS, the Hapsite, easily qualifies as portable since it weighs just 34 lbs., with the mass spectrometer weighing only 8 lbs.