HARAHHampshire Alliance for Rural Affordable Housing (est. 2005; UK)
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The agreement will see the funding of the "Harah" project, which involves establishing a multipurpose playground for children in three locations in Sur in an area of 1,500m2 approximately.
Women's foil: 1, Abi Difford (Cardiff); 9, Harah Gooding (Cardiff); 12, Jannie Raczinkski (Glamorgan); 13, Elizabeth Alison (UWIC).
The capacity for evil, Yetzer haRah, develops first, and is the legitimate concern with self taken to the extreme of selfishness.
This is the first time a nocturnal race takes place in Jordan, and it was sponsored by Red Bull, Marwa Water, Greater Amman Municipality, Makkah Mall, Dawaimeh Jewelry, NestlE[umlaut], and Amman Runners Club.Abu Nseir Tournament Amman Mayor's deputy Amer Basheer patronized Abu Nseir Club's final 5-a-side Football Tournament, between "Harah 5" team and "Harah 8" team.
Calling irrational and inappropriate ideas the "Yetzer Harah" ("evil inclination") will make the concepts more familiar.
Brough-based rider Les Harah, aged 53, crashed on lap two in the opening sidecar event and was helicoptered to hospital with multiple injuries but died soon after
Heinze is especially struck by the relevance to psychology of the Jewish musar movement, with its emphasis on ethical conduct acquired through self-discipline and the social values of restraint (repression?) and of overcoming the yetzer harah, the evil inclination (the id?).
For the event, S & N created a "Wall of Ale" on the stage at the Harah's Carnaval Court bar.
Then, it represents Hebrew harah with [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] which, while quite a standard LXX rendering, focuses on the state of pregnancy (`will be pregnant') rather than the process of becoming pregnant.