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HARDHardware Assisted Resilient Data (Oracle)
HARDHayward Area Recreation and Park District
HARDHealth and Rural Development (various locations)
HARDHigh Accuracy Retrieval from Documents
HARDHalf Absolute Relative Difference
HARDHelmet Assisted Radar Detection
HARDHydrocephalus, Agyria, and Retinal Dysplasia (syndrome)
HARDHope Agency for Relief and Development
HARDHealth Advantage Research and Development (Nutrition)
HARDHorizontal Acoustic Range Depiction
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You don't feel nearly so hard up with eleven pence in your pocket as you do with a shilling.
It was hard for the active fellows, right in the midst of their vacation; and nobody blamed them when they contented themselves with brief calls, running of errands, and warm expressions of sympathy.
Ryder -- who, I think, could soon have brought me round, and could have done anything with me; but he had given up all the hard part of the trade to his son and to another experienced man, and he only came at times to oversee.
"But the other evidence...does it go hard against her!" said Adam.
"Then," said the Hard Man to Deal With, "why are you so anxious to have your Company bet me money that it will not?"
The way to happiness is often very hard to find; harder, I almost think, for women than for men.
"To speak truth, and be skilful with bow and arrow"--so seemed it alike pleasing and hard to the people from whom cometh my name--the name which is alike pleasing and hard to me.
But she's troubled in her mind: and when the fits are not on her,--and that's not often, for she is dying very hard,--she says she has got something to tell, which you must hear.
Fuchs had been a cowboy, a stage-driver, a bartender, a miner; had wandered all over that great Western country and done hard work everywhere, though, as grandmother said, he had nothing to show for it.
In the very heat of the day the mowing did not seem such hard work to him.
After some weeks the scraps of paper became little hard round balls, and when the pockets were filled he dumped them out upon the floor.
I don't know how master brought her to the house, being hard at work at the time.