HARIGHarwich Amateur Radio Interest Group
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Paul Harig works in the Office of the Navy Security Control Assessor for Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic.
Harig, Etudes, Etude de sources de neutrons froids a Hydrogene et Deuterium liquides (Rapport CEA-R 3505) [These], Faculte des Sciences de Grenoble, CEA, 1967.
"Grocery survey respondents noted that they donate 25% of uneaten food for human consumption and recycle 24% of their food waste via composting and another 24% to animal feed," added Harig. "We hope our industry can continue to set an example for the nation's grocery shoppers to do their part to waste less food at home."
Government can help the industry by examining the infrastructure that is available for diverting food waste away from landfills and promoting more productive uses, Harig says.
Of most concern, Harig said, is that this massive and accelerating loss occurred along West Antarctica's Amundsen Sea, particularly Pine Island and the Thwaites Glacier, where heavy losses had already been recorded.
In addition to the drought in Texas, Harig said, low rainfall in Brazil is driving up the prices of coffee, soybeans and sugar.
For example, exotic, small-sized, and short-lived species (Oreochromis spp.) were introduced to Lago de Patzcuaro in the 1970s (Rosas, 1976), and their persistence through the years is due in part to its capacity to resist alterations of aquatic habitats and water quality (Harig & Bain, 1998).
In the latest work, Princeton University researcher Chris Harig and Frederik Simons applied a new method to analyzing the GRACE data.
Purkey - Cassandra Purkey, and Justin Harig, of Eugene, a son.