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HARKHelping At-Risk Kids (various locations; community service and outreach)
HARKHealing Arts Reaching Kids (Children's Hospital Los Angeles; Los Angeles, CA)
HARKHiking and Recreation with Kids (The Kitsap Mountaineers - Olympic Peninsula, WA)
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The inversion from PI 407179 was backcrossed into cultivar Hark (BC6) to develop a near-isogenic line homozygous for the inversion.
Hark, Harold the Angel Sings is a children's story dealing with a child's struggle to find a place in life to fit in.
Royal Mail's series of stamps to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee features every English and British monarch since 1399, and harks back to the Blitz, Captain Scott's 1912 South Pole expedition and the Channel Tunnel link-up of 1994.
Hark (history of philosophy, and cognitive and behavioral sciences, U.
Unless you suffer from acrophobia, you won't have a problem at the elegant Top of the Hark, located on the 19th floor of the Hark Hopkins Hotel (999 California St.
The range of new British Airways uniforms -unveiled yesterday -which hark back to the pioneering days of aviation
Further falling from his once-secure position as one of Asia's most exciting commercial filmmakers, Tsui Hark continues his recent output of Hong Kong hooey with "Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters.
Mayor Roy Hark proclaimed her "Princess Molly of the Kingdom of Hannibal'' and gave her a key to the city, the famed hometown of author Mark Twain.
h monahCSal l hark Ca Ca C pt Sout and link-Th abo Eng Ger app in 1 hea wh me aEGaai There's also a stamp about a game between England and West Germany that, apparently, took place in 1966.
The design is intended to hark back to the romantic era of flying in the 1930s and '40s when, as in Casablanca, travel was glamorous and exciting.