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HARNHigh Accuracy Reference Network
HARNHigh Accuracy Reference Network (surveying)
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We were able to stop those men before they were able to penetrate the area and shoot anyone else," Mr Harn said.
The security officer was treated at a local hospital and later released, Harn said.
H-E-B, according to Harn, "really engages us in the design process.
A sound sense of tactile order is present in all of the pieces featured at the Harn and is a common trait in Takaezu's work.
fi Row wf po Anyway, after along day on nearby Nai Harn beach and watching the spectacular sunset from Promthep Cape, we usually preferred our home from home and one of the great advantages of Coconut Paradise (unlike many others) is that it comes with its own bar/restaurant - and it's brilliant.
This section investigates the security of Harn and Lin's group key transfer protocol HL [16].
Bassil was responding to criticism by Labor Minister Butros Harn, who had accused him of adopting a lax attitude.
Jerry Harn, president of Taipei Fubon, indicated that ChinFon is also a Taiwanese bank and expanded operations to Vietnam in early 1990s by setting up a branch in Hanoi in 1993, and another one in HCMC in 1996.
Harn expressed in a statement to reporters India's standing by the Syrian right to the full restoration of Golan.
In the same article, we also misspelled the name of Joan Harn, a Park Service employee.
CHRIS SHIRLINGROOKE, partner at Liverpool business development firm, Van Harn & Co, will clearly go to great lengths to boost his profile.
An RTI model uses assessment in order to place students into appropriate tiers and to progress-monitor students to determine how well they are responding to their current instruction (Coyne & Harn, 2006; NASDSE, 2006).