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HAROLDHemispheric Asymmetry Reduction in Old Adults
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You know Harold came here six weeks ago, to get up his French for those dreadful examinations that he has to pass so soon.
But you know Paris is so very amusing, and if only Harold remains good-natured about it, I shall be content to wait for the caravan (that's what he calls mamma and the children).
There was Harold, however, and Harold's interests were their chief care.
``The envoy of Tosti,'' he said, ``moved up the hall, undismayed by the frowning countenances of all around him, until he made his obeisance before the throne of King Harold.
Childe Harold is a long poem of four cantos, but now only two cantos were published.
The first literary result of his journey was the publication in 1812 of the first two cantos of 'Childe Harold's Pilgrimage.' This began as the record of the wanderings of Childe Harold, a dissipated young noble who was clearly intended to represent the author himself; but Byron soon dropped this figure as a useless impediment in the series of descriptions of Spain and Greece of which the first two cantos consist.
Harold Flower's struck him as particularly unauthorized.
"'Harold,' said she, speaking English with a broken accent.
Therefore Lieutenant Harold Percy Smith-Oldwick flew low toward the west, searching with keen eyes for signs of a Hun army.
And I'm going to dig it right into you wherever I think it will hurt most, unless you stop being Harold at once.
"Now, Harold," he began, "the word I have to say relates to Rick."
My friend Harold March here will tell you I sometimes see things, even in the dark."