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HARPSHigh Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher (ESO)
HARPSHooved Animal Rescue and Protection Society (Barrington Hills, IL)
HARPSHome Assistance and Repair Program for Seniors (senior homeowner assistance; Sacramento County, CA)
HARPSHuman Analysis Requirements Planning System
HARPSHybrid AUTODIN Red Patch System
HARPSHashed Random Pre-Loaded Subsets
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But he could not; he had a harp and he often tried to play on it; but his clumsy fingers only made such discord that his companions laughed at him and mocked him, and called him a madman because he would not give it up, but would rather sit apart by himself, with his arms about his harp, looking up into the sky, while they gathered around their fire and told tales to wile away their long night vigils as they watched their sheep on the hills.
A hundred voices at once arose, a hundred harps were strung.
The streak of daylight being now excluded from the room, Miss Dunross threw back her veil, and took the harp on her knee; seating herself, I observed, with her face turned away from the fire.
Little John and Much the miller's son were out together on a foraging expedition when they espied the same young man; at least, they thought it must be he, for he was clad in scarlet and carried a harp in his hand.
Vanni's harp came in silvery ripples through the blackness of the dusty-smelling night; then the violins fell in--one of them was almost like a flute.
I told Allan a-Dale, the northern minstrel, that he would damage the harp if he touched it after the seventh cup, but he would not be controlled Friend, I drink to thy successful performance.
Edmund spoke of the harp as his favourite instrument, and hoped to be soon allowed to hear her.
He closed his eyes and rested his head on the frame of the harp.
While he lay perdu in Steward's stateroom, his voice was the one thing that was not to be heard, so Kwaque was forced to seek the solace of his jews' harp in the sweltering heat of the gratings over the fire-room.
Arriving in Perth the day after the festivities at Swanhaven, Bishopriggs proceeded to the Harp of Scotland--at which establishment for the reception of travelers he possessed the advantage of being known to the landlord as Mrs.
At the upper end of the room, seated in a shady bower of holly and evergreens were the two best fiddlers, and the only harp, in all Muggleton.
The young people, at the countess' instigation, gathered round the clavichord and harp.