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HARQHybrid Arq
HARQHigh Availability Resolution Queue
HARQHybrid Automatic-Repeat-Request
HARQHigh Availability Resolution Queue (Microsoft)
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Our proposed S-RLNC model is applied in between the transport layer and the network layer, where it can be stated to be functional at the top of traditional HARQ based MAC.
Therefore, in this study, an EDC-aided IHIC (EDC-IHIC) scheme for general MIMO systems employing HARQ for multi-packet transmission [9] [10] [12]-[14] is developed and investigated.
The realization is divided into three case studies, namely, an efficiently pipelined IEEE 802.11n standard [27] compliant QC-LDPC decoder, an extension of this decoder that provides a throughput of 2.48 Gb/s, and an HARQ experimentation system based on the IEEE 802.16 standard [36] QC-LDPC code.
3.2 Joint Coupling between MCS scheme and HARQ mechanism
Given that all simulations conduct throughput fraction and spectral efficiency measurement in fading environment and with a closed loop sending HARQ ACK/NACK feedback is enabled.
According to Huawei, its ALL IP-based New Generation WiMAX solution adopts HSPA/LTE/UMB co-platform infrastructure, and integrates the 4G technologies including HARQ (Hybrid Automatic Repeat-reQuest) and MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Out-put).
* Improving NLOS coverage by utilizing advanced antenna diversity schemes, and hybrid-Automatic Retransmission Request (hARQ)
The basic HARQ type-I method with link adaptation can be used instead of more complex HARQ schemes.
Related works using link level results include: SNR to Channel Quality Indicator (CQI) mapping for different MIMO settings [4], limiting downlink Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request (HARQ) retransmission in poor link [5].