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HARQHybrid Arq
HARQHigh Availability Resolution Queue
HARQHybrid Automatic-Repeat-Request
HARQHigh Availability Resolution Queue (Microsoft)
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Although AMC and HARQ are generally separated function entities for the PHY and MAC layer [6-7,9], numerous studies have revealed significant performance gains brought by cross-layer optimization and design in spectrum efficiency and transmission reliability [10-11].
The considered joint association between the truncated SR HARQ type I retransmission protocol and MCS mechanism into the MBUWB system is performed following a Single Input Single Output (SISO) wireless communication system in which the transmitter and the receiver are separated according to a distance d such that the developed cross-layer design is depicted in Fig.
Relevant parameters--those that have the greatest influence on throughput and spectral efficiency are: applied antenna configuration, a number of HARQ retransmissions, duplex type and LTE-Advanced channel scenario.
Due to code redundancy, the main disadvantage of all HARQ schemes is the throughput in less noisy channel, which is significantly lower than the throughput of pure ARQ.
Wang, "A Compressed HARQ Feedback for Device to Device Multicast Communications," in Proc.
AM mode deals with ARQ retransmitting the transport blocks that fail recovery by HARQ where the retransmission and re-segmentation is enlightened to all the relevant ARQ entities.
Consequently, HARQ is proposed with one cyclic retransmission to recover those errors.
His research fields include wireless communications and signal processing, especially HARQ, MIMO transmission and cognitive radios