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HARRISHighways Agency Road Research Information System (Transport Research Laboratory; UK)
HARRISHuman Ass Receiving Receptacle in Studio (toilet nickname; Colbert Report)
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Harris shouted "murder," and "thieves," and finished with "I'm absolutely drowned.
Harris said a little something in one's stomach often kept the disease in check; and Mrs.
No," said Harris, "if you want rest and change, you can't beat a sea trip.
George said he should be all right, and would rather like it, but he would advise Harris and me not to think of it, as he felt sure we should both be ill.
It suited me to a "T" too, and Harris and I both said it was a good idea of George's; and we said it in a tone that seemed to somehow imply that we were surprised that George should have come out so sensible.
All of which required money which Harris Collins did not grudge, but which strained the earning capacity of his animal-training school.
A great deal of the work was done by his assistants, but it was Harris Collins who taught them continually what to do and how to do it, and who himself, on more important animals, did the work and showed them how.
But Michael was not received by Harris Collins, who, at the moment, sat in his private office, Harry Del Mar's last telegram on his desk, writing a memorandum to his secretary to query the railroad and the express companies for the whereabouts of a dog, crated and shipped by one, Harry Del Mar, from Seattle and consigned to Cedarwild.
For Harris Collins was scientific and antiseptic to the last word in his handling of animals, and Michael was scientifically made clean, without deliberate harshness, but without any slightest hint of gentleness or consideration.
Harris, and despatching a messenger to Barton for her mother.
Harris, and an order for post-horses directly, she wrote a few lines to her mother.
Harris, or if HE could not come, for some other advice, when the former--but not till after five o'clock--arrived.
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