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HARSHamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (psychology)
HARSHuman Assisted Robots
HARSHistoric Area Remediation Site
HARSHIV/AIDS Reporting System
HARSHousing and Residential Services (various organizations)
HARSHistorical Aircraft Restoration Society
HARSHighway Advisory Radio System (public service announcements)
HARSHeavy Attack Reconnaissance Squadron (US Army)
HARSHereford Amateur Radio Society (UK)
HARSHigh Altitude Route System
HARSHeading Attitude Reference Set
HARSHeading & Altitude Reference System
HARSHappy As Raw Sewage (punk magazine)
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Course Lizy she hars, and she dodges back, when Mas'r Haley he goes past the door; and then, I tell ye, she clared out de side door; she went down de river bank;--Mas'r Haley he seed her, and yelled out, and him, and me, and Andy, we took arter.
Then he flattered himself that he looked like a true Briton, but the first time he had the mud cleaned off his shoes, the little bootblack knew that an American stood in them, and said, with a grin, "There yer har, sir.
To pull her needle she kept the little finger apart from the others; it seemed a waste of power to see her sewing--eter nally sewing--with that industrious and precise movement of her arm, going on eternally upon all the oceans, under all the skies, in innumerable har bours.
It is the HARS attached to the piston that moves in and out of the fluid.
Increasing speed or reduced spacing between the HARS sheets will cause increased turbulence in the hydraulic fluid.
Linkage 1 and linkage 2 matched the HARS file to eDCF and SSDMF records, respectively, to identify deaths among persons listed in HARS with reported AIDS.
To identify potential new AIDS cases never previously reported to HARS, linkage 3 identified those death certificates within eDCF that indicated HIV infection as a cause of death but had not been linked to HARS via linkage 1.
As the CDC guidance on interpreting HARS data cautions, individuals may have utilized home testing kits or anonymous testing previously and those diagnoses would not appear in HARS data.
<< Sa att det liksom inte ja, det har ar min kontrollfunktion utan att vi finns till for familjen och barnen att vi ska forsoka stotta dar det ar jobbigt eller svart.
Margie Dorrance, Chair of the Board of HAR, said the Association is continually seeking new technology to help its REALTORS[R] drive business and deliver client value.