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HARTIHybrid Arrest of Translation Initiation
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Shortly after ending the sit-in, Mohammad was granted a harti and he was able to continue his journey to Athens.
The author focuses on the experience of Isaaq and Harti Somalis who arrived in Kenya as soldiers, guides, porters and translators, occupying an ambiguous position in the new colony.
It is also worth noting that not only Lahchiri's short stories, but also Larbi El Harti's "La alienada," Me llamo Rosa" and "Mi amiga Ghanu;" Ahmed El Gamoun's "La Atlantida;" and Ahmed Ararou's "Trabanxi," "AME ...
Examples include Larbi el Harti's "Isidoro Molina," which features a Spanish protagonist whose dwelling is described as "los caminos" and stories of Moroccans traveling to Spain by Ahmed El Gamoun and Said El Kadaoui Moussaoui.
Le Kawkab Marrakech (KACM) et le FUS de Rabat, ont fait match nul, 1 but partout, samedi au stade El Harti a Marrakech, en match comptant pour la 7eme journee du Championnat national de premiere division de football (Pro-Elite 1).
(14) The clans especially pertinent to this Note are the Isaq (15) and the Harti. (16) The territorial dissemination of these clan families inevitably resulted in their initial citizenship among the European powers that began colonizing African lands in the late nineteenth century through both peaceful and violent means.
In Casablanca, protestors planned to gather at the Idris El Harti Street in the Sbata neighbourhood, but were prevented by security servicemen.
Hywel Teifi y darlithydd harti, Iwan Llwyd y trwbadwr.
"We do a random check and every time you're stopped, you have to expect to have your registration checked," Col Al Harti explained.
The Grand Conference was attended by more than twelve traditional, titled elders, and their delegations, as representatives of the Isaaq, Harti, and Dir clans.