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HARTIHybrid Arrest of Translation Initiation
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As Walter Mignolo points out, that language is not merely a neutral tool that represents the honest wish to tell the truth, but also--and here lies the literary fact in itself in the narratives of Lahchiri, Ararou, El Gamoun, El Harti, and, of course, El Hachm--is a tool for the construction of a history and the invention of realities ("Colonial and Postcolonial" 122); it is closer, I think, following Anjeli Prahbu, to the creolization that possesses the potential to elucidate cultural creation, as well as the judgment of power relations (inequality, prestige and resources) that promote innovations, cultural and linguistic exchanges (Prahbu 4, 5).
48) The northeast territory, primarily composed of the Harti clan and the Somali Salvation Democratic Front ("SSDF"), was provisionally known as Puntland.
We do a random check and every time you're stopped, you have to expect to have your registration checked," Col Al Harti explained.
The Grand Conference was attended by more than twelve traditional, titled elders, and their delegations, as representatives of the Isaaq, Harti, and Dir clans.
stronghold of the Harti sub-clan of the Darood, the clan affiliation
That includes ticket security as well as customer engagement, which means empowering out staff to answer customer questions on the spot," said Maria Harti, Director General of iDTGV.
harti que hace nidos profundos en dunas y sitios arenosos por estar mas expuestos a la accion del viento (Evans, 1959.
Metacercariae were located in muscular tissues, under the scale of the caudal fin of Rivulus harti (natural infection).
Dejaria de ser Ayaan Hirsi Magan, del gran clan de los Darod, una Harti, una Osman Mahamud del linaje de la Espalda Mas Alta.
The killifish Rivulus harti is the main guppy predator in smaller streams and has been characterized as preying primarily on small, immature size classes of guppies.
Tenders are invited for Improvements of sh3 harti gate to join mutturayagudi village road (ch: 0.