HASBHousing Authority of the City of South Bend (Indiana)
HASBHaving a Solar Blast (video; US NASA)
HASBHead and Shoulders Base (stock chart formation)
HASBHousing Anti-Social Behaviour (UK panel)
HASBHarrat Ash-Shaam Basaltic (geoscience)
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For a HASB fiber blowing installation, a cable fiber pusher is used to move the cable into an air chamber which is being supplied with high pressure air from an air compressor at pressures between 100 psi and 175 psi with the air flowing down the duct path and exiting the duct end.
HASB Global Franchise Finance Alliance facilitates the creation of the Franchise Finance Strategy through partnerships with global banks and in-country banks.
HASB suggests that hair analysis is cost-effective and could be used in the following ways: as a screening tool for individuals and populations at risk due to possible toxic metal exposure such as occupational exposure and children with learning disabilities, and it could be used in conjunction with other tests such as blood and urine to discover metabolic disorders before the onset of disease so that remedial action can be taken.