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HASEHigh Availability and Strategic Enterprise
HASEHigh-Assurance Systems Engineering (IEEE)
HASEHuman Aspects of Software Engineering
HASEHydrophobically Modified Alkali Soluble Emulsion
HASEHome Automation Scripting Engine
HASEHST Airborne Support Equipment
HASEHigh Arctic Stratus Experiment
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John Osborne, firm principal at Hase Osborne, said: "The acquisition by Fairstone allows us to continue to provide our clients with high-quality independent financial advice with the support of a strong infrastructure so that we can fully focus on our clients and ensure they get the best possible investment options.
It is considered to be a Conservation Agriculture technique and it boosts average mah angu yields to 1670 kg/ha" said von Hase.
This partnership allows both Schlafender Hase and PC Industries to fill this demand and extend its customer base in North America, Latin America, and Europe," the company says.
Pianist Shoichi Hase has given numerous recitals and ensemble concerts in Japan, and many other countries around the world including Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Poland.
The tempo quickened with the next two pieces - 'Umino Hojo' (Abundance of the Ocean) composed by Hayashi and 'Tension' a creation by Hase -- which left the audiences in a trance.
ACRYSOL DR-110 Rheology Modifier takes the best properties of ACRYSOL ASE Thickeners and combines them with the benefits of ACRYSOL HASE Associative Rheology Modifiers," said Joan Schuller, North America general manager, Dow Coating Materials.
With this goal, al-Jaish still hase the chance to qualify as it stands in the third place with 8 points and needs to achieve a win in the final round of the groups' competitions in which it is yet to play the Kuwaiti al-Nasr which has no points.
I am also looking for pictures os Jarvis Robinson, Hase Wharf, Keenans, United Molasses, Miller and Gordon and a firm called Nordals who used to make all the sacks.
Ce systeme de grossesses simultanees ou superfetation, permet a la hase d'avoir un tiers de petit en plus a chaque saison reproductrice.
Future tours will likely include those led by former Defense Minister Yuriko Koike, Hiroshi Hase, a former professional wrestler and a lower house member, and Yuko Obuchi, a daughter of former Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi and former state minister in charge of declining birthrate.
Additionally, the business will feature a portfolio of rheology modifiers, including HASE, HEUR, and cellulosic-based products.
A source at Sharjah International Airport told Gulf News that the airport hase increased its charges, and the change applies across the UAE.